2 April 2012

Mitten and Makings News

Hello hello,

Yes I am still here.  It's been a busy couple of weeks.  I enjoyed a lovely sunny week away from work to catch up on mundane but essential tasks like going to the dentist and opticians and having some work done on my bicycle, which are always hard to fit around a 9-to-5.  I am pleased to say my bike now rides beautifully once again with fully functional brakes and non-clunky gears.  I also spent a few lovely days in Brighton so my time off was certainly not all boring to say the least. 

This past week I've just been re-adjusting to normlity which is taking considerably longer than the usual post-holiday blues thanks to the clock change.  I'm sure I never used to be so sensitive to it but now I have a somewhat regimented routine that little hour's difference seems to take me a week to re-set my body clock to.  Indeed suddenly being switched from waking up naturally in daylight to being rudely awoken by the alarm while it is still dark has made the mornings this week rather unpleasant so I am very much looking forward to a couple of weeks down the line where I get to wake up naturally again with light creeping through the curtains. 

Of course there has been some knitting taking place but I'm actually working on something of a milestone for me, and something that I've been putting off for ages for knowing that it would take a long time.  Yes, I am knitting a proper adult sized jumper (more specifically me-sized but we'll see how it turns out).  I have now knitted all the main pieces and need to start attempting to sew them together. 
Please note the two pieces at the bottom are not the making of a knitted pair of pants but will, apparently, in fact form the sleeves...

Anyway, onto more exciting things.  In a few short weeks there will be a new arrival in the Mitten and Makings household.  For about the last six months I've been considering getting another feline housemate.  Actually, I have had serious wanties to have a Siamese cat ever since I met my first one on holiday about 20 years ago.  As such I had been trawling various ads and looking up breeders online for sometime.  I had been putting off taking the plunge though, having been concerned about how Mitten would react to a new arrival.  I also decided against spending £400 on a pure bred (and as such avoid encouraging more breeding) when there are so many unwanted regular moggies in the world in need of loving homes.  So fast forward to a couple of weeks ago I was excited to learn of a friend-of-a-friend whose young kitty had got herself into a bit of trouble and could not resist the opportunity to reserve myself one of her forthcoming offspring.  Mummy Cat gave birth to 5 beautiful bundles of fluff on 14 March.  I went to visit them this weekend and here is the gorgeous girlie who will be coming home with me in a just a few weeks' time:
This is her at around 10 days old.  I tried to get a shot of all the litter together too but five bundles of fluff all wriggling around together does not make for easy photography.

So she's a white Moggie, not a Siamese, but she's perfect and I can't wait to get her home.  I've done lots of reading about how to carefully introduce a new kitten to a resident cat and intend to make it a very slow and gradual process in the hope of making it as painless as possible for Mitten.  I don't doubt she will feel most put out but I am very hopeful that in time she'll start to accept the Newby who can be a playmate and companion for her when I'm not home.  Having come to the conclusion I am destined to be a Crazy Cat Lady it had to happen sooner or later and as Mitten is still quite young it seems fitting to introduce Kitty #2 now before she gets even more set in her ways.  Of course I will keep you all updated with any developments.  


  1. LOVE the soon to be new addition, being an already crazy cat lady of 4 cats(used to be 5 sadly) they are so worth it.



  2. just stumbled across your blog looking for a crochet pattern....my daughter and I are going goo-goo over that sweet kitten!